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You know that your kids have something special inside them. We know it, too. Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) and K12 ignite the minds of children like yours to bring learning and innate possibility alive. Together, we are helping Georgia students in grades K–12 reach their true, personal potential.



What's Online Learning Like?

Meet an Elementary School Student attending a school powered by K12

Zachary - 11th grader

Hear from Zachary's Learning Coach and mom on why she loves online learning. Zachary describes what it’s like to be in an online school. In this video, he explains how he structures his day and why he enjoys online school with K12.


Meet a Middle School Student attending a school powered by K12

Elayna -  7th Grader

See how this 7th grader structures her day and makes the most of her education. Hear firsthand what she enjoys about being in an online school—and what makes it different and similar to traditional schools. Hear from Elayna's Learning Coach and mom, about what being a Learning Coach means to her and why online learning works for their family. 


Meet a High School Student attending a school powered by K12

Paola - 11th grader

Hear from Paola what it’s like to be an online high school student. She explains what a day is like and how she feels online learning is the best choice for her and her family. Hear from Paola's Learning Coach and mom regarding what it means to her to be part of Paola's education.


How Social Are Online Students?

Kids on a Mountain

Learn more about what K12 offers on the national level, and receive advice regarding how to engage with your school and classmates. Just like other kids, online students spend time with classmates and playing with friends. Hear what our expert says about socialization in online schools powered by K12.

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