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What do we teach at GCA?

​GCA is a virtual public charter school under the Georgia Department of Education. And as such, our students will be learning the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

How do we evaluate student learning?

GCA elementary school's mission is to provide an exemplary individualized and engaging educational experience for all students by incorporating school and community/family partnerships coupled with a rigorous curriculum within a data-driven and student-centered instructional model.

Student success will be measured by valid and reliable assessment data and continued institutional growth within the academic community.

Our school grading structure encompasses multiple methods of learning that can include (but are not limited to) student assessments in the online school, teacher-graded assignments, interim assessments, and participation.

More information about our instructional cycles, assessments, and grading can be found in our Elementary School Handbook [PDF]

Our teachers are happy to work with you this school year!

GCA Elementary School Teachers