Welcome to Kindergarten, Champions!


Contact Info for Kindergarten Teachers and Lead Teachers: 

Main Line: 404.334.4790

Teacher's Name Email Ext.
Taylor Loyd, Kindergarten Lead tloyd@gacyber.org 2166
Hillary Roebuck, Special Education Academic Lead
hroebuck@gacyber.org 386
Lauren Holmes, Special Education IEP Facilitator Lead
lholmes@gacyber.org 2160
Holly Boyd
hboyd@gacyber.org 340
Mandi Brannen
mbrannen@gacyber.org 773
Cathryn Harris charris@gacyber.org
Teresa Hardin thardin@gacyber.org 333
Pamela Holden pholden@gacyber.org 337
Ashley Lawson alawson@gacyber.org
Candace Moten cmoten@gacyber.org 2274
Ginny Murphy gmurphy@gacyber.org
Kimberly Rubenstein krubenstein@gacyber.org

What do we teach at GCA?

Georgia Cyber Academy is a public charter school under the Georgia Department of Education. And as such, our students will be learning the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

See GEORGIASTANDARDS.ORG for more information.


Kindergarten Resources and Information

Elementary School Student Resources - link coming soon

Elementary School Learning Coach Resources - link coming soon

Elementary School FAQs - link coming soon