Special Education Directory

Special Education Associate Directors

Title Name Email Ext
Director of Special Education Konteint Redmon kredmon@k12.com 122
Associate Director of Special Education, Academics Dr. Lynea Laws llaws@k12.com 160
Associate Director of Special Education, Compliance Gaetane Borders gborders@k12.com 149


District Coordinators

Title Name Email Ext
Compliance Coordinator Ellen Holland eholland@K12.com 961
RTI Coordinator JJ Griffin jgriffin@K12.com 680
504 Coordinator Deborah Wood dwood@gacyber.org 513
Transition Coordinator Ashley Brand asbrand@gacyber.org 2176
Special Education Training Coordinator Becky Moody bmoody@K12.com 378
Speech/Language Pathologist Coordinator Mary (Cathy) Clayton mclayton@K12.com 106
Assistive Technology Coordinator Hollie Schofield hschofield@K12.com 2188
GAA Coordinator Paige Hulsey phulsey@gacyber.org 2176
Special Education Parent Mentor Jennifer Anderson janderson@gacyber.org 675
Special Education Liason Jessica Elzey jelzey@K12.com 838


Special Education Records

Title Name Email Ext
Records Compliance Specialist Larenda Gilmer lgilmer@K12.com 154
Special Education Registrar Nidra Dillon 
Special Education Records Clerk Rashel Dyer rdyer@gacyber.org  

Related Services Coordinator and Team

Title Name Email Ext
Related Services Coordinator Lynleigh Hurndon  lhunrdon@K12.com 113
Related Services Coordinator for ES/MS/HS Susan Flynt  sflynt@K12.com  
Related Services Coordinator for Billing and Invoices DeEtta Petcher dpetcher@K12.com  


GCA School Psychologists

Title Name Email Ext
Lead School Pscychologist      
School Psychologist Shamir Pressley spressley@k12.com  


Elementary School Special Education Leadership

Title Name Email Ext
Assistant Administrator of Special Programs Holly Witcher  hwitcher@K12.com 412
K–5 Compliance Lead Teacher Lauren Holmes lholmes@K12.com 340
K–5 Academic Lead Teacher Stephanie Murphy stmurphy@gacyber.org 967


Middle School Special Education Leadership

Title Name Email Ext
Assistant Administrator of Special Programs Alicia Kelley akelley@K12.com 462
6–8 Academic Lead Teacher Kelly Thomas kelthomas@K12.com 503
6–8 Academic Lead Cassie Snow csnow@K12.com 996

6–8 Compliance Lead

Shani Wilson shawilson@K12.com 828


High School Special Education Leadership

Title Name Email Ext
Assistant Administrator of Special Programs HS      
HS Lead Teacher Marlena Flesner mflesner@K12.com 2306
HS Lead Teacher Erin Martin ermartin@K12.com 987
HS Lead Teacher Erin Heinzer erheinzer@gacyber.org 2341


Life Leadership Team

Title Name Email Ext
Assistant Administrator of Special Programs, LIFE Madeline Jones mjones@K12.com 2340
LIFE Lead Teacher Anna Spears aspear@K12.com 807


Elementary School Special Education Team

Title Name Email Ext
Elementary School Assistant Administrator of Special Education Holly Witcher hwitcher@K12.com 412
IEP Facilitators and Grade Levels Lead Lauren Holmes lholmes@K12.com 340
Speech/Language Pathologist and Case Manager      
IEP Facilitator Casey Shostak cshostak@gacyber.org 2336
IEP Facilitator Brandi Pendergraft bpendergraft@gacyber.org  
IEP Facilitator Sara Gordon sgrubbs@K12.com 330
IEP Facilitator Abigail Patterson apatterson@K12.com 2663


Elementary Instructional Teachers and Grade Levels

Title Name Email Ext
Lead Stephanie Murphy stmurphy@gacyber.org 967
K–1st Grade Lea Gay lgay@gacyber.org     
K-2nd Grade Katherine Stewart kstewart@gacyber.org 2789
2nd Grade Patricia Eckberg peckberg@gacyber.org 2840
K, 5th Grade English/Language Arts Jennifer Saad jsaad@gacyber.org  
3rd Grade Math Tammy Fessler tfessler@gacyber.org  
3rd Grade English/Language Arts and Reading Sherry Hoffman shhoffman@gacyber.org  
4th Grade Math Michelle Fuchs mfuchs@gacyber.org  
4th Grade English/Language Arts Jametria Floyd jfloyd@gacyber.org 2821
5th Grade Science and Social Studies Anna McCall jmccall@gacyber.org  
5th Grade Math Whitney Harper wharper@gacyber.org  
5th Grade English/Language Arts and Writing Stacie Alcantara salcantara@gacyber.org  
3rd–5th Grade Math Shanerron Knox shknox@gacyber.org 2756
3rd–5th Grade Resource English/Language Arts Ayanna Wallace-Anderson awallace-anderson@gacyber.org  


Middle School Special Education Team

Title Name Email Ext
Middle School Assistant Administrator of Special Education Alicia Kelley akelley@K12.com 462
IEP Facilitators Lead Shani Wilson shawilson@K12.com 828
6th Grade      
6th Grade Carol Hight chight@K12.com 454
7th Grade Sherlynn Davis shedavis@K12.com 217
7th Grade Natalee West nwest@K12.com 736
7th Grade Barbara Daniel bjdaniel@gacyber.org 433
8th Grade Todd Mayben tmayben@K12.com 476
8th Grade Hayley Viente hviente@K12.com 474
8th Grade Allison Pickett apickett@gacyber.org 1205
6th–8th Grade Resource Candi Partridge cpartridge@K12.com 474


Middle School Instructional Teachers

Title Name Email Ext
Lead Cassidy Snow csnow@K12.com  
6th Grade Science Sabreen Shabazz sshabazz@K12.com 2690
6th Grade Math Michelle Goffe mgoffe@K12.com 2695
7th Grade Science Nicole Medeiros nmedeiros@K12.com 2171
7th Grade Math Linda Duckworth lduckworth@K12.com 440
8th Grade Math Renee Lemieux rlemieux@K12.com 2266
8th Grade Science Meagan Singletary msingletary@K12.com 2689
Lead Kelly Thomas kelthomas@K12.com 503
6th Grade English/Language Arts Keri Lanford klanford@K12.com 2144
6th Grade Social Studies Melanie Holodnak mholodnak@K12.com 2195
7th Grade English/Language Arts Pam Aylor paylor@K12.com 2153
8th Grade English/Language Arts Allison Mack almack@K12.com 1205
7th Grade Social Studies Christi Taylor ctaylor@K12.com  
8th Grade Social Studies Ashley Haynes ahaynes@K12.com 2671


MS Resource Instructional Teachers

Title Name Email Ext
Lead Janice Knox jknox@K12.com 824
6th Grade Math and Science Britni Bass bbass@K12.com 2140
7th Grade English/Language Arts, 6th Social Sudies Marie Ritch mritch@K12.com 1214
Science and Math Paula Rockwell prockwell@K12.com 1019
7th Grade English/Language Arts and Social Studies Adria Davis addavis@K12.com 2287
8th Grade Science and Math Steven Williams stevwilliams@K12.com 2180
8th Grade English/Language Arts and Social Studies Kristina Sailors ksailors@K12.com 1014


High School Special Education Team

Title Name Email Ext
High School Assistant Administrator Special Education Christiane Henderson chenderson@K12.com 551
IEP Facilitators Lead Ashley Brand abrand@K12.com 2176
IEP Facilitator Lawanda Cunningham lcunningham@K12.com 2685
IEP Facilitator Cheryl Kennedy chekennedy@K12.com 2133
IEP Facilitator Erin Heinzer eheinzer@K12.com 2341
IEP Facilitator Judy Niconovich jniconovich@K12.com 586
IEP Facilitator Kate Arsenault karsenault@K12.com 2342
IEP Facilitator Kate Gerstenberger kgerstenberger@K12.com 2346
IEP Facilitator Lesley Herndon lherndon@K12.com 515
IEP Facilitator Melissa West mwest@K12.com 994
IEP Facilitator Tammy Cruz-Hernandez tcruz-hernandez@K12.com 818


High School Small Group Instructional Teachers

Title Name Email Ext
Lead Marlena Flesner mflesner@K12.com 2306
English/Language Arts Elizabeth Fuqua efuqua@K12.com 2259
Electives Ryan Smith rsmith@K12.com 2624
Math Stacy Oliver soliver@K12.com 2275
Math Tracey Long trlong@K12.com 2068
Social Studies Naresha Perry nperry@K12.com 1004
Science Adriana Savage adsavage@K12.com 779
Science Kim Hubbard-Mabry khubbard-mabry@K12.com 1000


High School Instructional Teachers

Title Name Email Ext
Lead Erin Martin ermartin@K12.com 987
English/Language Arts Alexis Edwards-Williams aedwards-williams@K12.com 2234
English/Language Arts Amanda Foster amfoster@K12.com 2257
Science Donald Rice drice@K12.com 603
English/Language Arts Kristi Cardon kcardon@K12.com 2625
Social Studies Laura Gunter lgunter@K12.com 214
Math Nicole Doolittle ndoolittle@K12.com 137
Math Rachelle Hoehn rhoehn@K12.com 2299
Math Tricia Solinski tsolinski@K12.com 2279
Science Melanie Meeks mmeeks@K12.com 2635
English/Language Arts Erika Addison eraddison@K12.com 2139
English/Language Arts Dawn Hall dhall@K12.com 2702
US History and Geography Leigh Ann McGalliard lmcgalliard@K12.com  



Title Name Email Ext
Assistant Adminsitrator of LIFE Madeline Jones mjones@K12.com 2340
Lead Anna Spear aspear@K12.com 807
GAA Coordinator Adonna Mullins amullins@K12.com 2628
K-2nd Grade Misty Dailey mdailey@K12.com 679
K-2nd Grade Carla McCanless cmccanless@K12.com 933
3rd-5th Grade Lacey Rabon lrabon@K12.com 958
3rd-5th Grade Shaleah Zambino szambino@K12.com 1031
3rd-5th Grade Paige Hulsey phulsey@K12.com 2143
3rd-5th Grade Emily Martin emmartin@K12.com 2707
3rd-5th Grade (Enriched) Callie Gerndt cgerndt@K12.com 216
6th-8th Grade Emily McCalvin emccalvin@K12.com 2623
6th-8th Grade Andy Clinansmith aclinansmith@K12.com 2650
6th-8th Grade Erin Carlisle ecarlisle@K12.com 2653
9th-12th Grade Mariah Lowe malowe@K12.com 682
9th-12th Grade Brant McCanless bmccanless@K12.com 933
9th-12th Grade Ali Childs achilds@K12.com 939
9th-12th Grade Amanda Shemwell ashemwell@K12.com 2651
9th-12th Grade Ruth Daugherty rdaugherty@K12.com 2251
9th-12th Grade Lanie Hibbard lhibbard@K12.com