Learning Coach Corner


Your role as a Learning Coach is both exciting and challenging and requires commitment, discipline, and organization. It is ESSENTIAL to your student's success.

As a Learning Coach, your duties include:

  • Monitoring and interacting with your student to ensure active engagement
  • Maintaining attendance requirements daily
  • Guiding your student through lessons as necessary
  • Ensuring consistent academic progress
  • Communicating with your student's teacher(s)
  • Checking school email daily and responding as required in a timely manner
  • Ensuring your student completes assignments on or before due dates
  • Ensuring participation in:
    • The Online School (OLS) curriculum
    • Conferences
    • Class Connect sessions
    • Parent workshops
    • School and state testing

For more information, please visit the Strong Start section of our school website.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have completed enrollment for my child. How do I access the Online School (OLS)?

First, you'll need to create separate accounts: one for the Learning Coach and one for each enrolled student. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to set up those accounts.

Where can I find information regarding courses and any materials that may be shipped?

Log in to your Online School (OLS) Learning Coach account and in "Quick Links" go to "My Info" to find information about course assignments and materials.

If I need help, who should I ask?

Enrolled families have access to a variety of supports and resources from K12 and our school community.

Contact our school for questions related to:

  • Classes and coursework
  • School records
  • Updating your contact information
  • School policies

Contact the K12 Customer Support Team or call 866.512.2273 for questions related to:

  • Setting up Learning Coach and student accounts in the Online School (OLS)
  • Logging in to and using the OLS
  • Technical assistance accessing Class Connect sessions
  • Technical assistance with K12 computer requirements