Welcome to 3rd Grade, Champions!


Contact Info for 3rd Grade Teachers and Lead Teachers: 

Main Line: 404.334.4790

Teacher's Name Email Ext.
Ingrid Bailey, 3rd Grade Lead ibailey@gacyber.org 930
Aleks Berry, 3rd Grade Lead aberry@gacyber.org 308
Hillary Roebuck, Special Education Academic Lead hroebuck@gacyber.org 386
Lauren Holmes, Special Education IEP Facilitator Lead lholmes@gacyber.org 340
Lisa Bynum lisabynum@gacyber.org 2298
Tammy Childree tchildree@gacyber.org 317
Tammy Fessler tfessler@gacyber.org 1048
Melissa Filiatreau afiliatreau@gacyber.org 2074
Allison Godowns agodowns@gacyber.org 2162
Sherry Hoffman shoffman@gacyber.org 997
Tiffiany Holsenbeck tholsenbeck@gacyber.org 341
Wendy James wjames@gacyber.org 346
Debi Jones djones@gacyber.org 350
Kathy Navarra knavarra@gacyber.org 369
Caitlyn Pichette cpichette@gacyber.org 2210
Kelly Radaszewski kmarks@gacyber.org 360
Joanna Schornhorst jschornhorst@gacyber.org 389
Gillette Smith gismith@gacyber.org 841
Tambra Tucker ttucker@gacyber.org 937
Shannon Weaver swildes@gacyber.org 411

What do we teach at GCA?

Georgia Cyber Academy is a public charter school under the Georgia Department of Education. And as such, our students will be learning the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

See georgiastandards.org for more information.