Welcome to 4th Grade, Champions!


Contact Info for 4th Grade Teachers and Lead Teachers: 

Main Line: 404.334.4790

Teacher's Name Email Ext.
Amy Morgan, 4th Grade Lead ajmorgan@gacyber.org 821
Stacey Porter, 4th Grade Lead sporter@gacyber.org 381
Hillary Roebuck, Special Education Academic Lead hroebuck@gacyber.org 386
Lauren Holmes, Special Education IEP Facilitator Lead lholmes@gacyber.org 340
Melissa Ballard mballard@gacyber.org 305
Yolanda Banks ybanks@gacyber.org 2224
Amy Barkley abarkley@gacyber.org 765
Jerre Barnes jbarnes@gacyber.org 2243
Laura Bell lbell@gacyber.org 306
Lisa Bennett     lbennett@gacyber.org 2194
Erin Clark erclark@gacyber.org 992
Michelle Fuchs mfuchs@gacyber.org 141
Lauren Gleason lgleason@gacyber.org 2654
Sara Grubbs sgrubbs@gacyber.org 330
Shali Harville sharville@gacyber.org 2262
Andrea Lee anlee@gacyber.org 356
Cassidy Longmeyer clongmeyer@gacyber.org 1207
Dru Maxwell mmaxwell@gacyber.org 2157
Anna McCall     jmccall@gacyber.org 361
Tiffany McWaters tmcwaters@gacyber.org 2200
Christy Myhand cmyhand@gacyber.org 367
Melissa Pline mpline@gacyber.org 380
Taunya Smith tausmith@gacyber.org 2114
Theresa Spence tspence@gacyber.org 954

What do we teach at GCA?

Georgia Cyber Academy is a public charter school under the Georgia Department of Education. And as such, our students will be learning the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

See georgiastandards.org for more information.


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