Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of Health and PE are required?

By the end of the year, students enrolled on the first day should have 30 hours of Health and 60 hours of PE logged. These are Learning Coach-led courses. If you need ideas for Health and PE, please email your homeroom teacher or refer to this Health and PE resource [PDF].

How can I get a copy of my student's report card?

If need a copy of a GCA report card from a previous year, please complete our Records Request Form [PDF].

What do I do when the Online School (OLS) is down?

  • Please view the document When the OLS/OMS/OHS Service Is Interrupted [PDF]
  • If the disruption of service is more than one hour, GCA's principal/assistant administrator will send a BBC call to students to inform them of the disruption and provide updates as they are provided.
  • If students are unable to use email, they may call their teacher if they have a question regarding their course. Extensions are listed on the course materials/syllabus, which students are recommended to print at the beginning of the year.

What do I do while service is interrupted?

If there is a system-wide issue with Class Connect, your teacher will contact you through email, BBC call, or another method of communication to provide you with directions.

You can also have your student:

  • Follow the Monthly Instructional Calendar as best as possible.
  • Visit USA test prep:
  • Read the next story in the literature book. Log attendance under literature.
  • Complete the next lesson in the math workbook. Log attendance under math.
  • Visit the library and pick up a grade-level novel and begin reading. Log attendance under literature.
  • Log in to National Geographic and work on various items on this website: National Geographic Kids Log attendance under social studies/history.
  • Complete 60 minutes of PE-related activities today (e.g., ride a bike, play a game of basketball, kick around the soccer ball, go swimming, etc.). Log attendance under PE.
  • Complete 60 minutes of health activities today. Log attendance under health.



  • Read for pleasure and complete a chart that tells who the characters are, what the setting is, what the problem of the story is, and how they would change the ending. (30–60–90 minutes). Log attendance under literature.
  • Visit a math website to improve math skills. Log attendance under math.



  • Take a field trip to a local park, museum, or other place of interest. Log as supplemental hours (no more than 12 hours per week).
  • Hold a "read in." Visit the local library and check out a stack of books to read at home. Keep track of the time and log as ELA hours.
  • Complete a service learning project. For example, visit a retirement home and read to residents or pick up trash at a park or in your neighborhood. Log as supplemental hours.

Please keep track of your time, so you can mark the attendance later when the system is up and running. If you are still unsure of what to do after reading through this list, email or call your content teacher for assistance.

If a system-wide outage occurs during a testing window, students will be given an extension equal to the amount of time the outage occurred. Teachers will email students the extended deadline. This would only apply to USA Test Prep where our Pre-Tests, Benchmark Tests, and Post Tests are housed.

Bottom line: Conduct school as usual and continue your school-day routine.