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Time Management Skills [PDF] 

High School Survival Tip 1

High School Survival Tip #1: Attend orientation sessions.

​Orientations are found on your Class Connect schedule.

Log in to the Online High School (OHS). Click on "My Schedule." Look under "Events" on the right-hand side.

High School Survival Tip 2

High School Survival Tip #2: Talk to your Learning Coach.

Your Learning Coach is the primary person available at home to assist you. Talking with your Learning Coach regularly and sharing your school activities, concerns, and achievements will help ensure you are on the right track. Keep those lines of communication open and talk with your Learning Coach each day.

Learn more about Learning Coach and student success.

High School Survival Tip 3

High School Survival Tip #3: Participate in GCA Outing Day.

High School Survival Tip 4

High School Survival Tip #4: Read school email.

​Reading school emails is essential to your success. Be sure to read all emails you receive from teachers and other school staff. These emails contain important, and sometimes time-sensitive, information that you need to know. It's good practice to check emails at least twice a day.

View this help topic to learn more about school email including setting up Office 365 on your computer and mobile device installation.

High School Survival Tip 5

High School Survival Tip #5: Complete all assignments within the current cycle for full credit.

​Be sure to reach out to your teachers about completing assignments from a previous cycle for a late grade. It's never too late to master the standards! View this video for more information.

High School Survival Tip 6

High School Survival Tip #6: Course grades are final each semester. Earn a passing grade to receive credit for the course.

The grades at the end of each semester are reported on your final transcript. The end of the first semester marks the midpoint of the school year. Grades at the end of the first semester, which ended December 19, are reported on your first semester report card. Grades above 70 percent are considered passing grades. You'll earn .5 credit for each semester grade above 70 percent.

A = 90–100 – CREDIT
B = 80–89 – CREDIT
C = 70–79 – CREDIT
F = 50–69 – NO CREDIT

High School Survival Tip 7

High School Survival Tip #7: Make a plan. Stick to the plan.

Have you ever heard this saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"? Making a plan will keep you on task and guide you toward success. We suggest creating a checklist of items you need to do each day. Check off those items as you complete them. When you receive assignments from your course teachers, add them to your checklist and be sure to meet the deadlines.