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September: Integrity

Iwrun G—Nominated by Mr. Alex Bryan
Amber W—Nominated by Mr. Alex Bryan
Allie H—Nominated by Ms. Kellie Henderson
Lois B—Nominated by Ms. Ann Garbutt
Gabriella T—Nominated by Ms. Miranda Gastiaburo
Chloe C—Nominated by Ms. Veronica Alfieri
Tera C—Nominated by Ms. June Cook
Sequoria J—Nominated by Ms. Kellie Henderson

Traquion T—Nominated by Ms. Michelle Grabowski
Knarius L—Nominated by Ms. Leslie Gilbert
Christina C—Nominated by Ms. June Cook
Tyler M—Nominated by Ms. Jean Perpich
Isaiah P—Nominated by Ms. Shay Locke
Jareth W—Nominated by Ms. Amy Morgan
Ashley W—Nominated by Ms. Amy Morgan
Jamieson K— Nominated by Keli Carter

"Integrity for me personally, is being kind to everyone, helping out someone in need, not being prideful but grateful, and showing love to others when they are in desperation—or just because. Integrity is a big word for me and one that I try to live by. I strive to be an example for others in the way that I act, speak, dress, and walk in my faith. Integrity is a hard word to comprehend, but an even harder word to live by. It means not being selfish and putting others before yourself. I have learned from integrity the 'golden rule.' You should always treat others how you would want to be treated even if they are different or 'weird' because, inside everyone is uniquely beautiful and worthy of kindness and a little integrity from their peers."
​—Riley S, 11th Grade


Responsibility means the state or act of being accountable for something; the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authority.

A few examples of responsibility could be:

  • When you agree to do something, you follow through and do it
  • Thinking through decisions and having good judgment
  • Not making excuses or blaming others
  • Taking care of matters on time and not procrastinating

A historical figure who exhibited Integrity was Helen Keller. Helen Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf and blind person to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. Ms. Keller did not let her struggles bring her down. She was an advocate for women's rights, people with disabilities, and numerous other causes. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and she was elected into the Women's Hall of Fame. She spent much of her life raising money for the American Foundation of the Blind. She showed responsibility in the actions she took to find personal success; she also felt and acted on her responsibility to do for others.
Responsibility, October 2017 Flyer [PDF]

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