High School Electives

Welcome to Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) and the new school year. We are very excited to be able to offer such a large number of different and new elective courses! We know everyone will find something they enjoy.

Courses Offered

CTAE (Career, Technical, Agricultural Education)

Computer Science Pathway

• Intro to Digital Design (Computer Literacy)
• Computer Science Principles
• AP® Computer Science

Web and Digital Design Pathway

• Intro to Digital Technology (Computer Literacy)
• Digital Design
• Web Design

Game Design Pathway

• Introduction to Digital Technology (Computer Literacy)
• Computer Science
• Game Design: Animation & Simulation

Marketing and Management Pathway

• Marketing Principles
• Marketing and Entrepreneurship
• Marketing Management

Additional CTAE (Non-Pathway) Courses

• Personal Finance
• Nutrition and Wellness

General Electives

• AYCCG (Achieving Your Career and College Goals)
• SAT Prep
• Journalism
• Oral/Written Communication
• Writer's Workshop​

Health/Physical Education

• Physical Education
• Body Sculpting
• Physical Conditioning
• Skills for Health

Fine Arts

• Visual Arts/Comprehensive I
• Visual Arts/Drawing I
• Visual Arts/Photography I

World Languages

• French I
• French II
• French III
• German I
• German II
• Spanish I
• Spanish II
• Spanish III
• Spanish IV

Electives Department Resources

Electives Department Directory

Main Line: 404.334.4790

Name Email Ext.
Lesley Brodbeck lbrodbeck@gacyber.org 2247
Alex Bryan chbryan@gacyber.org 412
Luisa Burnette lburnette@gacyber.org  
June Cook jcook@gacyber.org 2196
Beth Daniel rdaniel@gacyber.org 2177
Ashleigh Darby adarby@gacyber.org 2238
Tanya Davis tdavis@gacyber.org 2286
Ayoko Dogbe adogbe@gacyber.org 537
Savanah Hooks shooks@gacyber.org  
Justin Joiner jjoiner@gacyber.org 2330
Jenny Keiger jkeiger@gacyber.org 2179
Heather Kominski hkominski@gacyber.org 192
Timothy Krooss tkrooss@gacyber.org 191
Britten Langley blangley@gacyber.org 2145
Sarah Lennon slennon@gacyber.org 2320
Christie Macey cmacey@gacyber.org 2343
Lacy McClendon lmcclendon@gacyber.org 2302
Jermal McCoy jmccoy@gacyber.org 2069
Tricia McCoy tmccoy@gacyber.org 2147
Pamela North pnorth@gacyber.org 2334
Whitney Peavy wpeavy@gacyber.org 197
Traci Peevy tpeevy@gacyber.org 591
Jean Perpich jperpich@gacyber.org 593
Maura Salberg-Griffith msalberg-griffith@gacyber.org 2323
Mandy Sayama msayama@gacyber.org 1087
Christa Sellers csellers@gacyber.org  
Ruth Siegel rsiegel@gacyber.org 497
Brea Strong bstrong@gacyber.org 2211
Ashley Thompson athompson@gacyber.org 837
Natialie Williams nawilliams@gacyber.org 2333


Electives Department Leads

Name Email Ext.
Amber Heisler aheisler@gacyber.org 951
Nicole Nash nnash@gacyber.org 584