Family Academic Support Team (FAST)

The objective of FAST is to reduce the number of students who withdraw or become disengaged and to provide a more comprehensive support system for all Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) families. FAST's goal is to provide support to teachers, students, and families in order to improve retention, attendance, and compliance. Please see below for a description of all departments within FAST.

Family Engagement Administrator: Michelda Watson
Family Engagement Assistant Administrator: Kristy Anderson
Family Engagement Assistant Administrator: Millicent Pilate

Family Success Liaisons (FSLs)

The Family Success Liaison (FSL) will provide a range of services to students and their family to help them be successful at Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA).  The goal is to provide support to students by collaborating with teachers and parents to ensure student’s academic achievement and successful completion of school (or grade level standards).  The FSL will collaborate with other FAST members to provide resources, training, facilitate engagement, and promote effective communication practices between parents, teachers and other support staff. 

FSL Leads:

Kimberly Boyd

Marti Caputa

Megan Cato

Ashley Cline

Sherene Mueller

Family Engagement Coordinators (FECs)

FECs are liaisons between the teachers, staff, and community, working with all GCA departments to provide the best support to Learning Coaches in order to meet high academic standards as a part of the GCA Parent and Family Engagement Policy. The vision for family engagement is to help all parents and Learning Coaches become active partners in their child's education, feel supported and empowered by GCA staff, and be connected to other GCA families and the GCA community as a whole in order to guide their child toward academic success. 

High School Family Engagement Coordinator: Maria Blencowe

Community Family Engagement

The primary purpose Community Family Engagement is to focus on helping the GCA community build partnerships with museums, historic sites, colleges, and businesses across the state. The CPM supports all grades with programming and opportunities for students to attend free classes, field trips, internships, and community service to help with their academics as well as wellness and fitness.

Community Family Engagement: Tonette Price

Family Resource Coordinator (FRC)

The FRC, who is frequently a certified social worker, assists teachers and families in identifying and aiding students who are experiencing academic underachievement due to social, emotional, or behavioral issues by facilitating appropriate interventions from school and community resources.

High School Family Resource Coordinator: Andy Christopherson