High School Science

As a high school science student, you will have the opportunity to learn in greater detail about the world around and within you. You are encouraged to ask questions and extend your learning in specific areas of interest. All of the science teachers are more than happy to assist you in further learning about any topic.

Department Initiatives

This year the Science Department is further exploring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teaching and learning initiatives from the unique perspective of virtual education. We are committed to providing high-quality learning opportunities for all our students. STEM education is essential to 21st-century learners, as it is "driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and student-centered development of ideas and solutions" (STEM Georgia website).

Courses Offered

Below is a general list of course offerings. Placement into a course will be determined by successful completion of your previous science courses. You will need to earn a minimum of four (4) units of credit in the sciences to graduate.

• AP® Biology
• AP® Environmental Science
• Forensics
• General Biology
• General Earth Science or Chemistry
• General Physics
• General Environmental Science or other science elective course
• Honors Biology
• Honors Chemistry
• Honors Physics

High School Science Resources

Discovery Science Channel
EOCT Biology Study Guide [PDF] 
National Geographic
PBS Science and Nature
Science Buddies
Study Skills for Students

Science Clubs

• Aspiring Medical Professionals Club (AMPC)
• 4-H Club (local chapters only)

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Science Department Directory

Main Line: 404.334.4790

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KC Billy kbilly@gacyber.org 570
Amy Binder abinder@gacyber.org 518
Kimela Bryant kbryant@gacyber.org 2244
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Mark Hines mhines@gacyber.org 553
Jessica Jung jpetrea@gacyber.org 595
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Erika Robinson erobinson@gacyber.org 607
Fransiska Shaw-Majeed fshaw-majeed@gacyber.org 2665
Jessica Stubbs jstubbs@gacyber.org 2335
Stacy Yeomans syeomans@gacyber.org  
Rebekah Zimmerman rzimmerman@gacyber.org 2082


Science Department Leads

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Amy Capello acapello@gacyber.org 520
Rebekah Zimmerman rezimmerman@gacyber.org 2082