High School Social Studies

Welcome to the Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) Social Studies Department, where students learn about the past to prepare for the future. Our courses will help prepare students to become valuable citizens. We look forward to working with you this year. Please take a few moments to review this page.

Department Vision

As Thomas Jefferson said ". . .wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government. . ." The vision of the Social Studies Department is to provide personalized education and resources that will help our students become the best citizens possible.

Courses Offered

• World Geography
• World History
• AP® World History
• U.S. History
• AP® U.S. History
• Economics
• American Government
• Sociology
• Psychology
• Current World Issues

Department Initiatives

Our goal is for students to achieve an 80 percent, or higher, passage rate on the U.S. History End of Course Test (EOCT).

High School Social Studies Resources

AP® U.S. History College Board Homepage
Georgia Department of Education EOCT Information
Study Island

Social Studies Department Directory

Main Line: 404.334.4790

Name Email Ext.
Veronica Alfieri valfieri@gacyber.org 2096
Robert Barker rbarker@gacyber.org  
Jessica Beer jbeer@gacyber.org 2280
Kelly Blackmon kblackmon@gacyber.org 2076
Michelle Cowan mcowan@gacyber.org 528
Melanie Coxville mcoxville@gacyber.org 2138
Heather Demers-Keller hdemers-keller@gacyber.org 2094
Randy Dickens rdickens@gacyber.org 2255
Jennifer Duvall jduvall@gacyber.org 2655
Praseedha Farrell pfarrell@gacyber.org 2304
Rebecca Gajda rgajda@gacyber.org 2072
Cassie Gatch cgatch@gacyber.org 546
Melissa Guevara mguevara@gacyber.org 2090
Jacilyn Ledford jledford@gacyber.org 2288
Russ Long rulong@gacyber.org 990
Margaret McDonald mmcdonald@gacyber.org 575
Mary O'Neal moneal@gacyber.org 2092
Amanda Priewe apriewe@gacyber.org 980
Lessie Solomon lsolomon@gacyber.org 180
Colleen Surette csurette@gacyber.org 2156
Melissa Martin mmartin@gacyber.org  
Kelley Nihill knihill@gacyber.org 2656
Stephanie Pain spain@gacyber.org 588
Michael Pilch mipilch@gacyber.org 205
Benita Sanders bsanders@gacyber.org 847
Michael Stephens mistephens@gacyber.org 982
Halton Thomson hthomson@gacyber.org 2062

*Department Chair


Social Studies Department Leads

Name Email Ext.
Kelli Guest kguest@gacyber.org 2081
Jenny Hale jhale@gacyber.org 936