Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Credits required to be a:

  • Sophomore: 5
  • Junior: 11
  • Senior: 17
  • Graduate: 23

GCA Graduation Requirements

A total of 23 units are needed to meet graduation requirements.

4 Units of English/Language Arts

  • 9th Grade Literature: 1 unit
  • American Literature: 1 unit

4 Units of Mathematics

1 Unit each: (various paths below)
Math I
Math II
Math III
4th Math Acc Math I
Acc Math II
Acc Math III
4th MathGPS Alg
GPS Geom
GPS Adv Alg
4th Math CCGPS Coord Alg
CCGPS Coord Geom
4th MathCCGPS Acc Coord Alg/ Geom A
CCGPS Acc Geom B/ Adv Alg
CCGPS Acc Precalc
4th Math

4 Units of Science

  • Biology
  • Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, or AP®/IB Science
  • Physical Science or Physics
  • Additional Science Course

3 Units of Social Studies

  • World History: 1 unit
  • U.S. History: 1 unit
  • Economics: .5 unit
  • American Government: .5 unit

1 Unit of Health and Physical Education

  • General Health: .5 unit
  • Personal Fitness: .5 unit (Three units of JROTC may be used to address this requirement only.)

3 CTAE/Modern Language/Fine Arts (3 credits of any combination below):

Students are encouraged to select 3 units in a focused area of interest:

  • CTAE—Career Pathway
  • Modern Language/Latin—Students seeking admission to a four-year college or university in Georgia must take a minimum of 2 units in the same language.
  • Fine Arts—Area of Interest

​4 Additional Elective Units

4 units in addition to courses prescribed above