Rosie Lowndes


Rosie Lowndes has been an educator in the Georgia public school system and private tutoring business for more than 20 years. She has been with Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) since 2009. Since joining the GCA team, Mrs. Lowndes has served as a homeroom teacher, social studies teacher, and lead teacher. In August 2011, she accepted the role of assistant administrator, and in September 2014, she accepted the role of administrator. Mrs. Lowndes is dedicated to the "student in the chair" and leading our middle school staff to assist Learning Coaches and students to master the skills and standards of each student's particular grade level. 



Gentry Lowe

Assistant Administrator

Gentry Lowe has been in education for 20 years. She has had the opportunity to teach in private school, public school, homeschool, and now virtual school. She has been with GCA since 2010. Ms. Lowe is dedicated to the student and to passing on not just knowledge but a love of learning. She believes enjoying education will help students become lifelong learners who are always looking for ways to improve themselves and the world around them.



Alicia Kelley

Assistant Administrator–Special Programs

Alicia Kelley has been a special education teacher and tutor in Georgia since 2004. She taught students with special needs in Clayton County from 2004–2011 and has been with GCA since 2012. In 2009, Ms. Kelley was nominated as her school's Teacher of the Year and one of the top six Teachers of the Year in Clayton County. She has a strong desire to help all students make progress academically as well as lead teachers in supporting the individual needs of their students.



Anna Wells Nesbit

Middle School Counselor

Anna Wells Nesbit received her BS in education from the University of Georgia and her master's degree in school counseling from Valdosta State University. She began her education career in 2013 and joined GCA in 2017. She is committed to encouraging and supporting all students and families to ensure their success at GCA.



Shani Wilson

Special Education Lead Teacher

Shani Wilson has been an educator since 2001. She has been dedicated to educating students in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. She has been with GCA since January 2014. Ms. Wilson has worked in the middle school for nine years as an English/language arts exceptional education teacher. While at the middle school, she was a teacher leader, an exceptional education department chair, and a teacher trainer for effective co-teaching and differentiated instructional strategies. She is excited to work and support such a great group of teachers and students here at GCA.



Kelly Thomas

Special Education Lead Teacher

Kelly Thomas has been an educator since 2006 and has taught kindergarten through 8th grade. While at the elementary school, Mrs. Thomas served as department chair of special education. Since coming to GCA in 2013, she has enjoyed teaching English/language arts, science, social studies, and math, and serving as IEP chairperson. Mrs. Thomas knows that there is something special and unique about every child. She loves helping them reach their full potential.



Cassie Snow

Special Education Lead Teacher

Cassie Snow has been teaching in the Georgia public school system for 12 years, with a focus in special education. She holds a Master of Arts in teaching with specialization in special education from Valdosta State University. Her certifications are in the areas of special education general curriculum, adapted curriculum, and middle grades math and science. Ms. Snow's experience includes teaching math and science in both the co-taught and resource settings. She is passionate about the field, believes education is a priceless gift, and is committed to an environment where all students receive high-quality education and support.




Janice Knox

Special Education Lead Teacher

Janice Knox has been in special education since 2001. She has an undergraduate degree in communications and master's in education. Ms. Knox has worked for GCA middle school special education since 2013. She is dedicated to our students by cultivating in them a love of learning with multiple modalities, an inviting learning environment, and planting the seeds for success. Ms. Knox understands the importance of establishing positive relationships between teachers–parents–students and will work hard to bridge the gap between Learning Coaches and teachers. As special education instructional lead, she brings good communication skills, fairness, and a passion for student success. She looks forward to a wonderful and productive school year!



Adrienne Rhoads

7th Grade Lead Teacher

Adrienne Rhoads has been working in the education field for eight years. She joined GCA in 2010 as a social studies teacher and has always worked with the 6th grade population. Mrs. Rhoads believes that 6th grade is a pivotal time for new middle school students, as they are learning valuable skills that will carry them through to successful adulthood. She feels parent support at this age is vital and enjoys building relationships with the 6th grade families at GCA!



Misty Kerr

8th Grade Lead Teacher and ALP Point of Contact

Misty Kerr has been an educator since 2001. She traveled the world with her military husband teaching in many diverse schools. She joined the GCA team in 2013 as the 7th grade ALP social studies teacher. She holds a BS in middle grades education and an MEd in curriculum and instruction. She is dedicated to implementing strategies in the classroom that motivate and enrich all students. She feels learning should be fun and all students should feel successful.



Kimberly Lockhart

8th Grade Lead Teacher

Kimberly Lockhart began her teaching career in 2004 after spending a year working as a microbiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. She holds a BS in microbiology and an MEd in science education along with a gifted endorsements. Kimberly began teaching at GCA in 2013 as an 8th grade science teacher. She served as middle school science department chair before transiting into the role of lead teacher. She believes that middle school is one of the most influential periods in a student's life. Every student deserves teachers who are invested in them, both educationally and socially, in order to reach their full academic potential.



Charissa Ondovic

Social Studies Chair

Charissa Ondovic has been teaching middle school for 19 years. She has been with GCA for the last several years as an ALP 8th grade teacher. Ms. Ondovic has her master's degree in middle school education and is certified to teach math, science, social studies, and gifted. She has received several awards, one from the National Educators Association in 2005; in 2006, was one of only six teachers in the state of California to be awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award. She enjoys curriculum planning and design. She is most passionate about creating challenging and engaging lessons that enable all types of learners to reach their greatest potential. "The greatest gift I have been given is being able to help students truly become excited about their educational journey and the potential that lies within them."



Veronica Okpani

Family Engagement Coordinator

Veronica Okpani has been a part of the GCA family since 2009, working initially as GCA's first school-based enrollment coordinator. In 2010, she graciously offered to lead the Regional Family Engagement team, and most recently, offered to be the middle family engagement coordinator. Her commitment to families is to provide the best support with all the possible and most necessary resources available.



Michelle Blackwell

Assistant Administrator

Michelle Blackwell moved from the corporate world to the world of education in 2004. Ms. Blackwell moved with her two daughters from Richmond, Virginia, to Georgia in 2007 and joined GCA as a teacher and a Learning Coach in 2008. She is excited to be working with such an outstanding group of teachers who work hard each year to bring academics to life for our students and continue to cultivate lifelong learners.



Sarah Smith

Student Achievement and Data Coordinator

Sarah Smith has taught middle school math and science for seven years. She joined GCA in 2011 as a 7th grade science teacher. She has both her BSEd and MEd in middle grades education from UGA. She is also gifted certified. She is committed to student achievement by providing appropriate data and strategies to teachers.



Deb Wood

MS SST/504 Coordinator

Deb Wood has nine years of middle school teaching experience. For 8 1/2 years, she taught 6th, 7th, or 8th grade math. She joined the GCA team in December 2012 as an 8th grade math teacher. In the fall of 2014, she transitioned to serve as the middle school SST and 504 plan coordinator at GCA. Mrs. Wood loves working with and building relationships with GCA families and teachers and also helping Learning Coaches and teachers meet the needs of students through the SST and 504 plan processes.



Jennifer Harper

7th Grade Lead Teacher

Jennifer Harper has been an educator in Georgia for more than 10 years. She began teaching mathematics at the high school level and then moved to teaching adult education. She came to GCA in 2013 where she taught middle school math in the STARS program and worked as the math instructional coach. Now, as a 7th grade lead teacher, she will support teachers as they strive for excellence in providing an exemplary educational experience for their students.



Ginny Weaver

7th Grade Lead Teacher

Virginia (Ginny) Weaver has been an educator in Georgia for seven years, working in several different capacities, including private school, traditional public school, co-op virtual education, and sole virtual education. Since coming to GCA in 2012, Mrs. Weaver has enjoyed teaching mathematics to 8th graders, working with the STARS program, being an active member of the testing logistics team, contributing to the Mission and Vision Advanced Ed team, and assisting administrators with a focus on eighth grade students. This year, she is looking forward to the opportunity to work with 7th grade students and families. A graduate of the University of Georgia in 2005, Mrs. Weaver went on to receive her Master of Education at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. She believes all students are individually valuable, and that educating the whole child is of extreme importance. She is also passionate about instilling values in each young adult in order to produce lifelong learners who contribute to the community in which they live. Believing education is the key to success, she strives to impart the values of educational discipline in order to equip students with the tools they need to reach their goals. Mrs. Weaver lives in her hometown of Cartersville, Georgia, with her husband, Season, and their two boys, Smith and Emory.



Kristi Jackson

8th Grade Lead Teacher

Kristi Jackson joined GCA in 2012. Since her start here, she has spent time teaching 8th ELA and electives, working as a department chair and instructional coach, and now is one of the 8th grade lead teachers. Mrs. Jackson has been an educator in Georgia since 2004 in a variety of areas including private preschool, traditional public schools, and virtual education. She is dedicated to providing support to both GCA families and teachers at our GCA middle school.



Whittney Moody

6th Grade Lead Teacher

Whittney Moody has been teaching in the Georgia Public School System since 2004 and has been employed with GCA since 2012. She holds a specialist degree in instructional technology from the University of West Georgia. Her teaching certifications fall in the areas of middle grades social studies, science, and gifted education. Ms. Moody believes that all students are blessed with unique talents and gifts, and her goal as an educator is to spark her students' desire to become lifelong learners.



Dana Barrett

6th Grade Lead Teacher

Dana Barrett has been an educator in Georgia for 6 years; all of those years have been with GCA. Prior to moving to Georgia, Mrs. Barrett taught various grade levels in the state of Florida for more than 10 years. As a teacher with GCA, she has taught 6th grade language arts, served as the 6th grade content chair and 8th grade lead teacher, and has returned to 6th grade as a lead teacher. She is happy to continue assisting students and teachers. Mrs. Barrett believes that all children are blessed with individual strengths, gifts, and abilities, and that the love, support, and encouragement from parents and teachers are priceless gifts.



Kelly Brooks

Math Chair

Kelly Brooks is the math chair for grades 6–8 and instructs students in the accelerated math program. Originally a special education teacher, she has taught all three grade levels in math and has been gifted certified since 2012. She attended Lagrange College and holds both business and education degrees. Ms. Brooks is currently a member of NCTM and GCTM. During the course of her career, she has been recognized twice as Teacher of the Year at the school level. She strongly believes that virtual education can be a powerful tool for engaging middle school students, promoting independent learners, and empowering them with the skills to be lifelong learners.



Michelle Stalions

Science Chair

Michelle Stalions began her teaching career in 2005. She holds a BS in middle grades education. She joined the GCA team in 2016 in 8th grade science. Mrs. Stalions has taught students in grades 4–8 for more than a decade and has been awarded Teacher of the Year at the school level. Her goal as a science teacher is to instill a lifelong love of discovery and learning through encouraging students to inquire, research, and become reflective thinkers. Mrs. Stalions believes that every student can grow academically, and she seeks to inspire students to continue to seek opportunities to learn.



Korri Ray

Language Arts Chair

Korri Ray has been an educator in the Georgia public school system for more than a decade. She has been with GCA since 2012. During her time with GCA, Ms. Ray has served as a homeroom teacher, special education teacher (both in the co-taught and resource environment), 7th grade language arts teacher, mentor to new teachers, team captain, and 7th grade content chair. During the 2016–2017 school year, Ms. Ray was named GCA Middle School Teacher of the Year. Prior to arriving at GCA, Ms. Ray taught language arts in grades 4–12, with the majority of her time in the middle school setting. She has a BS in human relations (counseling), and an MEd in learning disabilities. Ms. Ray holds Georgia teaching certificates in both middle school language arts and special education. She believes that all students can learn and be successful in academics. Ms. Ray has a strong desire to implement strategies within the language arts classroom that motivate, engage, enrich, and impact students' lives here at GCA.