Middle School Science

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) science courses are an inquiry-based science curriculum. The GCA Science Department will directly address Georgia Performance Standards in Class Connect sessions throughout the school year. The Online School (OMS) portion of the course, combined with direct teacher instruction, is designed to elicit evidence of students' mandated mastery of the Georgia Performance Standards. Science consists of inquiry and investigation, as students grow to understand the world around them. Through coursework and interaction with your child, our goals are to teach them how to view the world from a scientific perspective and understand how science impacts them as they increase their body of knowledge and skills.



Middle School Science Staff

Science Chairperson - Michelle Stalions
Science Chairperson–Michelle Stalions

6th Grade
Earth Science

Terri Kramer—Chair
Ashley Price
Mallory Bodine
April Fluellen
Courtney Daniels
Britni Bass
Sabreen Shabazz
Carolyn Hall
Sarah Kirkley

7th Grade
Life Science

Tellethia Garvin-Haynes
Amanda Dotson
Brittney Jackson
Allyson Westmoreland
April Mask
Steven Williams
Diandre Robinson
Nicole Medeiros
Paula Rockwell
Cindy Huntington
Megan Holbrook

8th Grade
Physical Science

Michelle Stalions
—Content Chair
Dawn Ullman
Megan Bennett
Nichole Pearre
Steven Williams
Cassidy Snow
Chas Harsh
Megan Singletary



Course Materials

  • Georgia Standards of Excellence [PDF]
  • ​K12-provided consumables—Some laboratory exercises may require the purchase of additional materials
  • OMS—Internet service required
  • USATestprep 



Course Curriculum Map

The Science curriculum includes all components of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). Please click the link to view Science GPS requirements for grades 6–8 [PDF].