Advanced Learner Program

Ethan: Profile of an Advanced Learner at GCA

At Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), we strive to provide the best education possible for all students and challenge our advanced learners.

The Advanced Learner Program (ALP) is a supplemental enrichment program designed to meet the needs of our advanced learners, as well as their Learning Coaches, in a variety of ways, including accelerated course planning, Class Connect enriched sessions, curriculum compacting, topic enrichment, Learning Coach support, and other activities that incorporate academics, multiple intelligences, and social interaction.

ALP qualifications are set forth by GCA and are subject to change year to year; therefore, students need to requalify yearly to stay in ALP. Qualification is determined through multiple data points including exceeding standards on End of Year testing, MAP testing results, course performance, and teacher recommendations. Students may also be placed on an ALP team with qualifying documentation from another school or documentation of prior academic achievement.

2017–2018 Advanced Learner Program Handbook [PDF]





ALP Expectations

ALP participants are expected to maintain exemplary progress and achievement.



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