Middle School Clubs

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Foreign Language Club

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Hosts: Janelle DeCosta, Nicole Medeiros, Megan Bennett, and Millie Duran-Gonzalez
Day: Starting September 12, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
Time: Please see events calendar details
Link is on the event calendar.



GCA Friendship Cafe

Formerly known as GCA Pen Pal Club. Socialize with friends, enjoy fun interactive activities, puzzles, word searches, coloring pages, tic-tac-toe, funny animal videos, and more (very similar to Lunch Bunch).

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Host: Marie Ritch
Day: Starting September 21, 3rd Thursdays
Time: 2–3 PM
Link is on the event calendar.



Peer Service Club

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Hosts: Nicole Hill and Tabitha Walker
Day: Starting September 13, 2nd Wednesdays
Time: 1:30 PM
Link is on the event calendar.



7th Grade Math Peer Tutoring Club

Attention all 7th grade students!

Need extra help with the math concepts you're learning this school year? The 7th grade peer tutors from the Advanced Learner Program team are available to help every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:00 PM.

Grade Level: 7th grade
Hosts: April Mask and Kelly Brooks
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 12:30–1 PM
Link is on the event calendar: Click here to attend.



8th Grade Math Peer Tutoring Club

Attention all 8th grade students!

If you love helping others and you love math, then the Peer Tutoring Club is for you. Click here if you're interested: https://goo.gl/forms/c43mttAl3ZzV95as1

Grade Level: 8th grade
Host: Sharon Hester
Day:  Wednesdays
Time: 12–1 PM
Link is on the event calendar.



GCA Culinary Experience Club

Share recipes, make healthy choices, learn safety tips for cooking, and try fun seasonal recipes.

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Host: Marie Ritch
Day: Starting September 7, 1st Thursdays
Time: 2–2:45​ PM
Link is on the event calendar.



Junior Beta Club

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Host: Rebekah Cooper
Day: Wednesdays, By Invitation Only 
Time: 2 PM
Link is on the event calendar.



Walk with Me Club

This is an online opportunity for middle school students to chat, walk for 30 minutes with teachers, and talk about general concepts of fitness and health.

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Hosts: Renee Grunfelder and Deb Wood
Day: Starting September 24, 4th Fridays
Time: 9 AM
Link is on the event calendar: Complete survey of interest



Pinterest Club

The Pinterest Club is a place for open creativity and craftiness. We'll work through a few projects that we all find "pinteresting" and share our successes (and "Pinterest fails") as we try to replicate them! 

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Hosts: Kelly Brooks and Nikki Brown
Day: Starting September 15, every other Friday
Time: 2–3 PM
Link is on the event calendar.



Geocaching Club

We'll meet virtually to discuss Geocaching, share pictures of our finds, create our own boxes to find, and possibly meet up to find some Geocaches together. Your assignment is to explore the Geocache website and to find a box before our next meeting.

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Host: Kim Lockhart
Day: Starting September 15, 3rd Fridays
Time: 1 PM
Link is on the event calendar.



Middle School Assembly Club

Grade Levels: 6th–8th grades
Hosts: Rosie Lowndes and Gentry Lowe
Day:  Thursdays
Time: 3–4​ PM
Link is on the event calendar.



Coding Club

​We plan to use the algebra units for the club meetings. This club is restricted to 8TH GRADE STUDENTS ONLY due to the level of math. There are also restrictions on when students can join—because we'll be working on a project that builds into a finished video game by the end of the year. So join early if you're interested! 

Grade Level: 8th grade
Hosts: Nikki Brown, Janelle DeCosta, Kelly Brooks. Sharon Hester, and Michelle Blackwell
Day: Starting September 8, 1st and 3rd Fridays 
Time: 9 AM
Link is on the event calendar: GCA Event Calendar