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What grades are offered by Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA)?
GCA offers grades K–12.

What subjects will my child study?
Language arts, math, science, and history are the core courses with world languages, art, and music as possible electives in grades K–8. There will also be a physical education/health course. Full academic programs for grades 9–12 are also offered by GCA. Visit our K–8 online courses and high school online courses section.

Does the program provide textbooks and other instructional materials?
Yes. We provide the textbooks and instructional materials that are needed to complete the program. These books and materials are sent directly to students.

How much time do students spend on the computer?
We expect that students will spend no more than 15 to 30 percent of their school time on the computer in grades K–5, 50 to 70 percent in grades 6–8, and 80+ percent in grades 9–12. We believe in a balanced approach toward education. Computers help us provide you with effective assessment, planning, and time-management tools. Computers also act as powerful teaching tools that can motivate, stimulate, and inform children about the world around them. They do not, however, replace a solid education. Rather, they help facilitate one. That's why we use a unique multimedia approach that also includes a great deal of traditional books, workbooks, and instructional materials.

What does it cost to attend Georgia Cyber Academy?
Georgia Cyber Academy is a public school, so there is no tuition. We provide a Georgia-certified teacher and instructional materials. Students and families will be responsible for providing some consumable materials (such as printer ink and paper). Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.

Do you provide curriculum for special needs children?
Depending on a child's IEP, we can tailor our curriculum to meet your needs. Visit our Special Education page.

Since students do not go to a physical school building every day, how do they interact socially?
Throughout the year, students are invited to participate in school outings, field trips (to historical sites, museums, zoos, etc.), picnics, and other social events. We expect local clusters of students and parents to get together on a regular basis in their areas. Learn more.

Will this program intrude into my home?
There are no home visits as part of the program, and there are no other intrusions into your home.



Technical FAQs

Do I need to own a computer to attend?
Yes. However, based on financial need and eligibility, GCA may loan a computer system (including computer and printer) to support the learning process. These computer systems are GCA instructional property and must be returned when the student leaves the school. GCA will arrange for technical support and troubleshooting for these computer systems. Each family will need to secure their own internet service provider. In certain cases, based on financial need or other circumstances, GCA may provide a stipend to offset the cost of the internet service. This determination will take place during the enrollment process.

What computer skills are required?

The Learning Coach needs to have at least basic computer skills. Use of the computer is an important part of the online school program, but in the early grades, it is mostly the parent (or other responsible adult) who interacts with the computer. High school students are most successful if they have basic computer skills.

What software comes installed on a K12 issued computer?
View this help topic for information.

How can I install Office 365?
As part of each student's enrollment, desktop and applications of Microsoft Office Suite are included as an additional free resource. The following guide provides instructions for students to install applications of the Microsoft Suite on their PC, Mac, or mobile device: Office 365 Student Installation Guide.



Attendance FAQs​​

When can I log attendance? 
You are able to log attendance during the school year from your first day of school until the last day of school.
Where do I need to log my child's attendance and how often? 
Student attendance hours are logged in the attendance screen on the Learning Coach Online School landing page and must be entered daily.
Why should I log attendance? 
In addition to meeting the legal attendance requirements for Georgia Cyber Academy and the Georgia Cyber Academy School Code, logging attendance provides you and your child with a log of the work accomplished.
What are supplemental hours? 
Parents seek to provide the best possible education for their child and often enrich the child’s curriculum with extra activities and family trips. Provided you complete your K12 coursework and course requirements (i.e., USATestprep, etc.) first, these activities may be logged into the student’s daily schedule and counted toward his or her mandatory hours of instruction if the activity directly relates to lesson objectives. However, it is important that parents/responsible adults initially discuss their supplemental activities with their students' assigned Georgia Cyber Academy teachers and then notify the teachers of the hours that are logged to ensure that the supplemental activities are recorded in the appropriate area(s) of the curriculum. No more than 12 hours a week of supplemental activities may be logged as attendance. Supplemental activities include outings based on Georgia Performance Standards and other learning experiences that address the Georgia Standards of Excellence.
What should I do if I forgot to log my child's supplemental hours? 
You can go back and add hours after initially entering attendance. If you have already entered hours for the specified day and clicked the Submit button, your teacher must add the hours for you. Contact your homeroom teacher, and they can assist you in entering supplemental hours.
Is there a maximum number of hours a day a student can log? 
There is no maximum number of hours per day a student may log; however, the student's teacher must document hours in excess of 12 hours per day. Notify your teacher of each circumstance requiring more than 12 hours of instructional time.
Do I log attendance for the actual time the lesson took or just the default time that comes up on the Online School? 
The default time is given as a guide for time to spend in each subject per day. If you consistently observe your student completing lessons before he or she accumulates the required amount of time, you may benefit from setting a time limit to each subject, rather than just expecting one lesson per day.
What should I do if my student is ill? 
Send an email to your child's teacher to communicate that your student is ill. Any Online School progress that your student can comfortably achieve, such as reading from the literature selection, is encouraged. Attendance needs to be marked accordingly. Doctor's excuses need to be scanned and emailed or mailed to the teacher. If no work can be completed by the student due to illness, mark the day as non-attendance.
What are some resources for attendance?



Testing FAQs

What tests are required as part of the program?
In addition to K12 lesson, unit, and semester assessments, GCA students are required to take the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS), Georgia Milestones End of Grade tests (Grades 3–8) and Georgia Milestones End of Course tests (high school). These tests are a required part of participation in GCA.

How is student progress assessed?
Grades K–5 are mastery-based, which means students master concepts before moving on to the next lesson. Following No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and state guidelines, students are expected to make at least a year's growth in a year's time. Teachers will assess mastery and provide feedback to students and families.

In middle school and high school, learning changes to a semester-based approach where students are required to earn a passing grade of 60 percent or above on their assignments and online lessons. Due dates are assigned to lessons to encourage consistent, steady progress for academic success. Attending teacher-led, direct-instruction, online synchronous Class Connect sessions, along with completing coursework, will also assist with student success. We encourage students to follow their class schedule pacing, which is designed to help them succeed.

Visit our Georgia Milestones information page.



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