Attendance Matters


Good attendance helps students do well in school. Excused and unexcused absences quickly add up to too much time lost in the classroom. Together, school staff and families can resolve the chronic absence issue and help our students close the achievement gap through the development of plans, communication, and other actions that lead to success. 


Why does attendance matter?

  • A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn.
  • Poor attendance has serious implications for later outcomes as well.
  • High school dropouts have been found to exhibit a history of negative behaviors, including high levels of absenteeism throughout their childhood.
  • Children need to be in school because their grades impact their future success.
  • School attendance is a baseline factor in determining student success. 


How to Log Attendance



Attendance is the amount of time each student spends completing coursework within the curriculum of the online school and receiving live instruction.


The state of Georgia requires all public schools to offer a minimum of 180 days of instruction each year and a minimum number of instructional hours by grade level.

Attendance FAQs​​

When can I log attendance?

You are able to log attendance during the school year from your first day of school until the last day of school.

Where do I need to log my child's attendance and how often? 

Student attendance hours are logged in the attendance screen on the Learning Coach Online School landing page and must be entered daily.

Why should I log attendance? 

In addition to meeting the legal attendance requirements for Georgia Cyber Academy and the Georgia Cyber Academy School Code, logging attendance provides you and your child with a log of the work accomplished.

What are supplemental hours? 

Parents seek to provide the best possible education for their child and often enrich the child’s curriculum with extra activities and family trips. Provided you complete your K12 coursework and course requirements (i.e., USATest prep, etc.) first, these activities may be logged into the student's daily schedule and counted toward his or her mandatory hours of instruction if the activity directly relates to lesson objectives. However, it is important that parents/responsible adults initially discuss their supplemental activities with their students' assigned Georgia Cyber Academy teachers and then notify the teachers of the hours that are logged to ensure that the supplemental activities are recorded in the appropriate area(s) of the curriculum. No more than 12 hours a week of supplemental activities may be logged as attendance. Supplemental activities include outings based on Georgia Performance Standards and other learning experiences that address the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

What should I do if I forgot to log my child's supplemental hours? 

You can go back and add hours after initially entering attendance. If you have already entered hours for the specified day and clicked the Submit button, your teacher must add the hours for you. Contact your homeroom teacher, and they can assist you in entering supplemental hours.

Is there a maximum number of hours a day a student can log? 

There is no maximum number of hours per day a student may log; however, the student's teacher must document hours in excess of 12 hours per day. Notify your teacher of each circumstance requiring more than 12 hours of instructional time.

Do I log attendance for the actual time the lesson took or just the default time that comes up on the Online School? 

The default time is given as a guide for time to spend in each subject per day. If you consistently observe your student completing lessons before he or she accumulates the required amount of time, you may benefit from setting a time limit to each subject, rather than just expecting one lesson per day.

What should I do if my student is ill? 

Send an email to your child's teacher to communicate that your student is ill. Any Online School progress that your student can comfortably achieve, such as reading from the literature selection, is encouraged. Attendance needs to be marked accordingly. Doctor's excuses need to be scanned and emailed or mailed to the teacher. If no work can be completed by the student due to illness, mark the day as non-attendance.

Do you know the Attendance Policy?

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GCA Attendance Policy

Your Homeroom Teacher is your first point of contact for help with general questions.

COMPULSORY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE: Per the Georgia law (O.C.G.A. § 20-2-690.1), students aged 6 to 16 are mandated to attend school. Any parent/guardian in violation of this Code shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to fines, imprisonment, community service, etc.

An un-emancipated minor older than the age of mandatory attendance as required in O.C.G.A. § 20-2-690.1 who wishes to withdraw from school and has not completed all requirements for a high school diploma must have the written permission of his or her parent, legal guardian, grandparent, or other person. Parent, guardian, grandparent, or other person, as well as the student, acknowledge that this will be considered as a dropout, and the Georgia Department of Education will be notified as such. Students not earning a high school diploma are subject to a lifetime of lower earnings, fewer jobs for which the student will be qualified, and the inability to avail oneself of higher educational opportunities.